Breath Therapy

Either in person or online, there are different packages available, depending on your time and availability. Feel free to choose one that works best for you.

If is your first time working with me, the FREE DISCOVERY SESSION is the first step to work together.


Discovery Session

  • 1 free session
  • 20 mins duration
  • 1 to 1 coaching
  • No compromise



  • 4 session per month
  • 30 mins per session
  • 1 to 1 coaching
  • Online support



  • One class only
  • 60 mins duration
  • Max of 10 students
  • Online support


Is Yoga Breathing for everyone?

Is it safe?

I’ve never done yoga or meditation, can I join?

Is this the same as Wim Hof?

What happen if I want to stop the classes?

When I first asked Sky about distance Reiki Healing, I have doubts as I can’t imagine that it will work. But he explained to me how it works.
Before the session, he guided me to do some breathing exercises and that helps me a lot. I felt calmer and at ease during the healing. I felt renewed and recharged. It’s like my mind is clearer and was able to have a good sleep that night.

— Vermilo Jurilla

I like taking Sky’s Pranayama and Meditation classes because they don’t feel forced – he takes you through the journey and makes use of the time to properly prepare, learn and do the breathwork as you increase focus inward. There’s right amount of guidance and silence. He also provides bits of history and teachings based on his own learning and experience, which makes the class both richer and relatable at the same time.

— Tricia Ong