Wellness centers have closed their doors due to COVID-19 but many are adapting quickly to a locked-down society by offering virtual yoga classes. Those struggling with long days sitting on the couch can get their daily exercise via digital yoga and meditation classes.

For as low as $7.00 per 60 Minute Classes, you get an affordable, accessible yoga & meditation classes for everyone!

Qi Yoga Life x Daloy Movement

Together with Daloy Movement, We’d like to invite you to Join “Ritwal Gathering”. This is a virtual event that aims to help you unpack, strip, release, and say goodbye to what, gently and gracefully through movement. A FREE Tai Chi Qi Gong Class will be led by Teacher Sky Yang on Saturday, September 25 at…

Free Open-Air Yoga & Qigong Classes in Uptown BGC Mall

In line with Uptown Bonifacio’s efforts in promoting SUSTAINABILITY, they’ve partnered with Qi Yoga Life in their campaign this July – August focusing on Good Health and Well-being. Falling on the third weekend of July, Qi Yoga Life will hold free open air yoga / qigong classes  twice daily from July 16 to 18 (Friday to Sunday). We’d like to invite you to…

Sunset Qigong at Loft Spaces

Join Sky Yang & Qi Yoga Life for a Sunset Qigong (Taoist Yoga) Class at Loft Coworking Spaces this Friday, December 18, 2020, 5:00 PM. This is a 60-minute class is accessible to all levels. LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE. SIGN UP NOW! In the spirit of Christmas, we are giving away 2 Free slots!!! Follow & Message…

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