The Year of Great Change & Fresh Perception

2020 is the year of the metal rat which came right after 2019, the year of the earth pig. The rat is the first animal in the Chinese calendar which means it is the start of a new cycle.

With everything that has been happening, it truly is a year of new beginnings. With the element being metal the cycle will start by cutting through everything that doesn’t serve the planet with conviction. Crisis, by nature, happens for a reason.

Similar to when our body is out of balance, it gives small warning signs such as cravings, pimples, inflammation, and a low immune system. This is the way our body tells us that our lifestyle needs to “change”. If we do not heed the warning and continue to carry on with our current lifestyle, our bodies would retaliate by creating a sickness that we can’t ignore.

The planet is simply showing us that our current system is not working and we need to change our ways. Otherwise, the planet always has a way of removing what doesn’t serve it as a whole.

As grim as the year 2020 has been so far, the standout trait of the rat is its ability to adapt, meaning we are equipped to cope. This year will be a start where our society is challenged as a whole. This is when our current system and way of life would be forced by nature to be revised. This will be a great opportunity for us to explore inward and find compassion towards the planet, the people and, every living being.

Through these trying times where we’re all asked to stay in our homes and practice social-distancing, we should all take this time to our advantage and reevaluate our current situation, lifestyle, and goals.

It’s time for us to create new healthy patterns and use this time to do something we are passionate about. It may be something that you have always wanted to do, something that has been put on hold for years. Now is the time to take it up again. It can even be simple lifestyle changes that serve the planet as a whole. Recycling and switching to a plant/fruit-based diet or trying out yoga and meditation for self-care. You’ll be surprised by how these simple tweaks in your day to day life can impact not just your well being but also your whole outlook on the days to come.

Our next twelve years through this cycle might not be determined by this year, but it sure sets the tone and direction on how and where we are growing as a whole. Remember, change in society happens one person at a time.