Free Open-Air Yoga & Qigong Classes in Uptown BGC Mall

In line with Uptown Bonifacio’s efforts in promoting SUSTAINABILITY, they’ve partnered with Qi Yoga Life in their campaign this July – August focusing on Good Health and Well-being. Falling on the third weekend of July, Qi Yoga Life will hold free open air yoga / qigong classes  twice daily from July 16 to 18 (Friday to Sunday). We’d like to invite you toContinue reading “Free Open-Air Yoga & Qigong Classes in Uptown BGC Mall”

Qi Yoga Life & Why I Decided to Start this Community

Qi Yoga Life is a community with the purpose of connecting people who are on their spiritual journey, together, sharing arts of healing and evolution for the mind, body, and spirit, supporting each other to achieve their highest potential. This community is not restricted to yoga. Rather, I believe that most ancient arts are intrinsicallyContinue reading “Qi Yoga Life & Why I Decided to Start this Community”

Yoga in the Park: October 2, 2020

Join us for an outdoor Yoga class at Capital Commons Park. This 60-minute class begins at 5:00 p.m. and is led by Sky Yang.   LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE. SIGN UP NOW! To join, purchase the pass: And RSVP: Please Bring your own yoga mat and be there 15 minutes before the class. See You!