Qi Yoga Life & Why I Decided to Start this Community

Qi Yoga Life is a community with the purpose of connecting people who are on their spiritual journey, together, sharing arts of healing and evolution for the mind, body, and spirit, supporting each other to achieve their highest potential.

This community is not restricted to yoga. Rather, I believe that most ancient arts are intrinsically connected, from movement to stillness, as above so below, as within so without, following the way of the Tao (ways of nature).  

I, personally, practice Yoga, Qigong, Reiki, Martial Arts, and Freediving. Through my practice, I can feel how they supports each other. The flow state I experience from each practice gave me new insights which allowed me to see them from new perspectives and in turn delve deeper and perform better.  

Looking deeper within, everything I do in my daily life, in every aspect, has improved exponentially. Everything we do have the ability to shape our minds. Yoga has rewired my mind to see things from different perspectives. As an example, It helped me see compassion not only to others but also to myself. Through these new perspectives and learnings, I have decreased the chances of getting injuries in my training. Even if I experience an injury, I find healing in one practice or the other. I started being compassionate to people and all living beings, which actually led and supported me on my journey as a vegetarian and made me appreciate all life forms. As a part of compassion not only to sentient beings but to the environment as well, every time I go Freediving, I make it a point to help clean up the ocean by ensuring I have my mesh bag with me, picking up candy wrappers, plastics, and any form of trash I find during my dive.

Qi Yoga Life is to hopefully bring together people who want to elevate awareness of their daily lives by practicing yoga on and off the mat, living mindfully. I believe we can create a greener, more contented, and mindful world through this community we are building. A world where we are living at our full potential with less materialism, less stress, and hopefully much more connection, love and peace.

I’m encouraging everyone who wants to learn more about yoga and how to live the yogic lifestyle to visit www.qiyoga.life.